The Linda A. Day Endowed Student Award


Jennifer Hipolite

2012 Linda A. Day Endowed Student Award Recipient

Jennifer Hipolite is a Southern California based artist who worked through school on an ambulance and currently works as a paramedic in the high desert of Southern California. She continues to look for ways to bridge the gap between science, medicine, and art.  Hipolite earned a B.F.A. in Drawing and Painting and a Biomedical Rendering Certification in 2013 from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

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She has previously exhibited at CSULB and in Orange County, including multiple exhibits at the CSULB’s University Art Museum's annual show, Insights.  Her awards include the Beatty Memorial Award and Best of Show Scholarship from Saddleback College; the Orval Dillingham Memorial Scholarship, John Lincoln Life Drawing Award, The Linda A. Day Endowed Student Award  and CSULB’s University Student Union Purchase Award.  

Body Mapping, 2013


The Response, 2017

Artist Statement

My work is about observation; observation of the figure itself and observation of the various behaviors people have when confronted with life altering, or ending, events.  I use painting as a way to capture this beauty of what I see and to process the different types of reactions or behaviors I have  experienced. I find it alluring and cathartic.  

The best way I can describe this work is abstracted landscapes built by the sequences or stages of these events and behaviors layered one on top of the other.  It becomes a harmony of the chaos, mess, emotion, and destruction from an outsider's point of view.