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Linda’s birthday: JUly 23

July 2019

For our annual celebration of Linda’s July 23rd birthday, we feature the snapshot below: Linda at fourteen. Look at her eyes, already eager and curious. Before long they will generate the raw visions she will translate into her unique art.

If you’d like to do something special to mark the day, a donation to her scholarship fund will add to the continuation of her legacy, always be appreciated, and can be made by clicking here.

Happy Birthday, Linda!


Three L.A.D. paintings newly restored

January 2019

Since our archive of Linda’s large paintings is very limited, it’s great news when we’re able to return work to the active inventory. That’s now the case as Linnaea Saunders of The Conservator’s Easel has completed the restoration of the three works below: “Logic For Aunt Minnie” (60x72”, oil on canvas), “Tartalan II” (72x60”, oil on canvas), both from 1994; and, from 2000’s Folly series, “Folly Untitled No. 2” (32x52”, oil on panel). 

Having these works again available is, we feel, a great way to begin 2019.

Logic for Aunt Minnie, 1994

Tartalan II, 1994

Folly Untitled No. 2, 2000


“Corona” series work sold to corporate collection

October 2018

This fabulous 2005 painting from Linda’s “Corona” series recently sold and today was installed at a private corporate collection in downtown Los Angeles. Linda’s work continues to excite and inspire new audiences. We’re so happy to see this work in its new home!


“Ou-Boum” Series work acquired by collector

August 2018

Our overarching goal when it comes to Linda’s remaining work is to keep it being exhibited and collected, so we are very happy to announce the sale of “Chandni Chowk,” from her "Ou-boum" series, to an East Coast private collector. As always, a portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Linda A. Day Endowed Scholarship Fund at CSULB. 

if you’d like to contribute to her scholarship fund, that link is HTTPS://GIVETO.CSULB.EDU/COAART46


Happy Holidays!/Work sold to private collection

december 2017

Happy Holidays from The Artwork of Linda A. Day! We are happy to share the news that another of Linda’s wonderful works from the Pulse series titled, “Pulse (Between/Beyond) No. 12” was recently placed in a private collection in Sacramento, California. If you find yourself in the Sacramento area over the holidays (or any other time for that matter), stop in and see the folks at JAYJAY, Linda’s exclusive dealer in Northern California. We at the “Linda Headquarters” wish you and yours a safe and celebratory holiday season and New Year!


L.A.D. on view at UC Davis nursing school

October 2017

The Archive of Linda A. Day is delighted to report the recent acquisition of five paintings by Linda to the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California, Davis. The five works are undated, but believed to be from circa 2000-2005. As described in a UC Davis press release, “the art collection within Betty Irene Moore Hall features more than 40 works by regional artists (including painter Mark Emerson and sculptor Troy Corliss). From high-energy pieces that stimulate the mind to multicultural offerings that celebrate a diversity of heritages, the installations represent the spirit of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis”.

Sallie-Grace Tate, the school’s Assistant Dean for Advancement, has said, “The art is bringing the building to life! Students, people, certainly bring a building to life, but so does the art. It’s a variety. There’s a lot of diversity not only in the type of art, and the artists themselves, but what art does and I think it engages (people).” Beth Jones, the Sacramento-based art consultant who collaborated on the project added, “color is probably one of the things we concentrate on a lot. The other thing we wanted was work that was both going to be challenging, but also representative of the world we live in, in a multicultural sense.”

To see more about the collection installation, click on the video link below.