Long Beach City College Exhibitions Give Hope in the Midst of Chaos

          Installation View of "Smaller Works"- February 2017

          Installation View of "Smaller Works"- February 2017


Sydney Walters

Linda A. Day’s Smaller Works is a snap shot of works created in Day’s three-decade career. Walking past some of her paintings, layers upon layers of color protrude from wood panels. This creates an atmospheric window of colors, patters and textures. Her pieces are playful with bright colors and vivacious integrity. On the far wall, Day discards traditional framework and creates organic cut-out shapes with canvas. The largest of this series is called Ganesh. Known as the god of new beginnings, Ganesh is a notorious deity of the Hindu religion. Not only do the stacking of oval shapes give the illusion of head, torso and legs, stratified colors and materials emphasize a Ganesh-like idea of new evolution.

“Smaller Works” by Linda A. Day closed March 9, 2017.

The above is an outtake from an article that appeared in Art and Cake, A Contemporary Art Magazine with a Focus on the Los Angeles Art Scene